School prepares you for the real world... which also bites.


We need visionary leaders who can use the knowledge and information keeping the larger interest of the society and nation in mind. So our focus is on application of knowledge through experimentation i.e. experiential learning through research and self discovery. We have designed our curriculum with an objective to encourage children to become independent learners, thus enabling them to explore the world through their own ways.



We at DPS Junior School have already tried to instill values like honesty, friendship, love for others, unity, sharing, tolerance, through various activities conducted in school. Values are a constant part of the curriculum as children start their day with morning assemblies which include prayer and thought for the day. Young absorbent minds are the best recipients of these values, as they are so pure and unadulterated right values given at this early age helps to shape them into individuals and thus global citizens. Regular value education classes are a part of the curriculum where children learn the right values by listening to stories, enacting stories and interacting with their teachers who help them understand values. Constant guidance at every step shapes up the minds of the young children.